Spirit week 2017

Spirit Week is the week leading up to Homecoming & means a lot of costumes, which the kids love, but is always a little challenging for the parents!

 IMG_1238 Monday was “Crazy Everything Day”



Tuesday was “Sports Day”



IMG_1243 Wednesday was “Superhero/Favorite Movie Character Day”



Thursday was “PJ Day” (which also happened to be the day Audrey’s class went to the pumpkin patch! Nothing like jammies at the farm!)

Friday was “School Colors Day”, so the kids wore their school gear! It was their Race for Education day, which is the big fundraiser that they do at our school! They have the different grades come out & run (or walk) around the track for 45 minutes. At the end, they get a cookie & juice and their are prizes for the students who ran the most laps. I was there helping out wherever I could, but managed to sneak in a few pictures of Audrey. Sadly, I was busy with other things/forgot when Ezra was running!

IMG_1288 Audrey’s class


Enjoying an orange slice during the race while jogging with Mommy


IMG_1293 Daddy came out to jog a lap with Audrey & her friend.

I also ran a lap with Ezra. About half way through, he said to me, “You can walk across the grass & go back over to your friends.” I said, “Oh, do you not want me to run with you?” He replied, “No, it’s okay.” But as we rounded the final bend, he said, “Bye, Mom! See you later!” I had been dismissed.

The high school had different dress-up day themes, so Micah & I also had to come up with costumes. I forgot to get pictures each day, but as you can see in the previous picture, Micah had glasses & a different hairstyle.


Friday was “50’s Day” in the high school!



The only other day I took a picture was on Monday, which was “Dress to Unimpress Day”. My husband is not only wearing a onesie, which would be odd in its’ own right, but he is wearing a poop emoji onesie!!!! I about died when he tried it on Sunday night. Apparently, the students were asking him to wear a onesie (these are popular with the students – not sure why!!!) & then his boss mentioned that he had seen this particular one, so it all came together.


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Pumpkin Patch

I had the fun of going along with Audrey on her field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! It was a beautiful fall day! Just right for all the activities we got to enjoy!

IMG_1246 A ride on the hay wagon!



Heading into the corn maze (although since they are so young, they just went down a path that went to a fun castle inside the corn!)


IMG_1248 Picking the perfect pumpkin!



Pony ride!


IMG_1250 Friends!



Jumping off the hay pile into the hay!



Version 2 Look at that face – no fear!!!



Class photo!

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Champoeg Park

A couple weeks ago, we visited Champoeg Park! It was fun to use our park pass for another state park!


We had a picnic lunch near the visitor’s center & museum!


There were people there who were reenacting what life was like as fur trappers! Ezra got to hold an old-fashioned gun!


One of the ladies was baking bread in a dutch oven with coals!


The fur trappers were staying in these old-fashioned tents! This guy had furs hanging up that he had trapped himself!


This lady was weaving a belt using cards!

We took a bike ride/walk through the park and enjoyed the beautiful fall day!! Then it was on to the Butteville Store, which has been in operation for over 150 years!


Butteville Store


I’ve never seen anyone looking quite so glum while holding an ice cream cone!


Sitting with the skeleton while eating her ice cream! 

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Audrey has been waiting for two years to get to do Cheer Camp! This year she was finally old enough!


Our little Cheerleader!


They got to cheer along with the cheerleaders during the first half of the football game!


Half-time show!


The other day Audrey asked if she could have two jobs when she grows up & I told her that she could. She told me she wants to be a ballerina AND a cheerleader! It’s good to have goals!


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One day before we left for school, Ezra brought some of his friends out to the living room & arranged them in such a way that they could sit & watch out the window while they waited for him to come home! It’s good to have friends!

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Last weekend was the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest! Our school has a funnel cake booth, so we always go to support our school & eat a funnel cake! Someone has to do it!!! Plus, the food at the other booths is tasty AND the “kindergarten” area has lots of free activities for the kids!


Ezra is starting to get too big for pony rides! He had to go on the biggest pony – I’m guessing he might have one more year left! 😦



The slide was new this year, so the kids were excited to try it out!


IMG_1180 The hay maze isn’t quite as hard when you are five!



Sweet baby cows!!!


IMG_1191 Jumping on the trampoline (the cords attach to rods that hold the jumper up so that they are suspended & just touch the trampoline at the bottom of their jump)



Even Audrey got some good height to her jumps!


It was another fun year! Some time we’ll actually have to take the shuttle out & see the abbey!!

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This is the drawing that Audrey did in her first art class at school! Do you recognize the subject??




That’s right! Mona Lisa herself!! Audrey told me she wanted to draw this one, because she was “so pretty”!




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