Gilbert House

For Christmas we were given a membership to the Gilbert House children’s museum and we LOVE it!!! We got it at the end of January & have probably already gone 3 or 4 times. The kids enjoy it & we all get out of the house.


There is a super fun park outside that is great for the non-rainy days!


It helps get the wiggles out!


This is a fun “build your own” structure! The kids always enjoy coming up with a new design!


Even when they are leaving, they are still trying to play (here they are climbing on some sort of artwork!)

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I don’t know where the time has gone, but Audrey’s passport was due for renewal! (Kids under 16 only get their passport for 5 years)

 IMG_4652Such a huge difference!!!

I’m a little sad that the Baby passport is having to be retired, but at least we have an adorable smile to carry us through these next 5 years! I don’t even want to think about the fact that the next time we renew she’ll be into double digits!

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Dr. Seuss Day

March 2nd was Dr. Seuss Day for the kids! They were to dress up as either their favorite Dr. Seuss character OR a favorite character from any book by any author!


Audrey was Sam, I am!

Would you like some green eggs & ham?? Would you like them here? or there?


Ezra was Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes! An uncanny resemblance!

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Out with the old…

After 12 years of sleeping on a frame of which we were the second owners & the cheapest mattresses we could find when we were first married, we decided it was time to upgrade to something else.


Goodbye, old bed!


Hello, New bed!

It’s fun to have a bed that is just ours! No one else has owned it, no one else has slept in it! It’s just ours! It is from Ikea, which I feel like we should be moving past that stage of our life, but it was the right price AND I got the bed frame I’ve had my eye on for years! The only downside is that an American ‘king’ is slightly bigger than a European ‘king’, which means that our old duvet cover doesn’t quite fit! I guess that means we’ll have to get a new one (actually we do need to replace this one as it is starting to show its’ age as well)!

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Upwards Basketball

Last fall, Ezra heard about Upwards Basketball at church and decided that he wanted to play on a team. The great thing about this program is that everyone makes a team and everyone gets the same amount of playing time. So even though Ezra had never played a minute in his life before joining the team, he made the team, & learned a LOT!


We often had different kinds of dinosaurs on the court!

IMG_4599 See the blue thing on his shoulder?? Each of the five guys had a different color & it matched up with the five guys on the other team, so Ezra just had to find the guy with the blue thing on his shoulder to remember who to guard!


The best part – snack!!!


Warming up, this time playing at our church’s gym!

IMG_4614 Practicing with his coach!


Um, Yes, that’s Ezra!


He posed himself like this!!!


Time to warm up for his last game!


He made a ton of progress, had a good time, learned what it meant to be on a team, AND wants to play again next year! I’d call that a win!!


His team picture – seems completely accurate!


Celebrating the end of the season with personalized chocolate donuts!!

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A visit from Nene

We had the joy of having Nene come to visit for almost a week! The kids went along to the airport even though Nene’s flight arrived an hour after their bedtime!!! So, the visit started off with a bang & went on from there!


Nene took us to McDonald’s for lunch! A HUGE win in my kids’ book!

On Friday, Micah & I got to get away for the night & headed over to the coast!! My favorite place!!


Stopping at a covered bridge on the way – it was a rainy, blustery day! Perfect coast weather!


We went out for dinner & the ships in the harbor were so pretty!

The place we stayed was right on the ocean & had a fireplace, so it was perfect for a winter evening!

Saturday was Nene’s birthday, so we brought pizza home with us! For dessert we headed out to Konditerei! But first…


a stop at the carousel!


The kids were excited because there was a new animal: a deer! (And I totally forgot to get a picture of the birthday girl at the carousel or enjoying our delicious desserts!)

The next day we had a family Super Bowl Party combined with a birthday party for Nene! It was fun to have so many of us together! (Did I remember to take pictures of everyone? Nope!)


I was sent this cute picture of these sisters, though!

The next day was back to our regular schedule, including basketball practice for Ezra! Nene suggested we leave early enough to stop & get Panera for dinner! Yay for Panera!



Nene left the next morning amid lots of tears, but the kids are already excited about our next visit! Thanks for coming all the way here, Nene! We love you!

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A new (not-so-fun) experience

It’s been almost two weeks ago…I was sitting at a green light just a block from my house waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a left-hand turn when I was rear ended. It was such a surreal experience. I’ve been driving for nearly 20 years, in at least 6 different countries (probably more), & never had a single accident. I remember grabbing my phone to call the police, realizing my radio was on, setting the phone down, muting the radio, realizing I would need my registration, opening the glove box & pulling out the folder, setting that down….I’ve come to realize there aren’t really step-by-step instructions that we study for after you’ve been in an accident. (Well, maybe in the driver’s manual, but that was a LONG time ago that I read that thing)


I did finally get out of my car & check on the other driver (they were fine, just shaken up like I was) as well as my car. The front end of the other car was all over the road, but mine had very little damage!


A small dent on the bumper (& the underside of the bumper is torn up), but that’s the only visible damage to the car

I did finally wake up from my fog & call the police – wrongly dialing 9-1-1 (Did you know you are supposed to call the non-emergency number?? I sure didn’t. Found that out when I was filing the accident report at the DMV! Plug that number into your phones now, people!). Everyone responded (even though I clearly told them that no one was hurt & nothing was leaking): ambulance, fire, & a number of police cars! It was quite the happening place!


It took a while, but they eventually got the piece of bumper from the other car out of my tail pipe, cleaned up the front pieces of the other car, & got traffic routed back onto the main road. And now begins the paperwork, auto body shop visits, & chiropractor work!


I’m so thankful that no one else was with me, that the other driver was very kind, that we both walk away from the accident, & that I can still use my car while we wait to get it repaired! This is definitely an experience I would rather not repeat!

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