The First Week of Summer!


On Monday, we went to a park while my car had its’ oil changed! The kids were wishing that this dinosaur was a portal to the identical dinosaur in the park near Nene & Da’s house!



On Tuesday, we had cooking day! Ezra chose to make homemade Mac N’ Cheese for dinner! It turned out amazing!



Audrey chose to make a pineapple upside down cake for dessert! It was delicious!

Wednesday, I had to work, so the kids “got” to go to childcare! I think they ended up having a fun time!


On Thursday, we went to OMSI with cousins! These two grabbed onto each other without even being told! Cousin love!



Trying out the electricity machine!



It worked well on Audrey!



Safety First as we did Chemistry experiments!



Thanks for a fun day, cousins!!!


We stopped off for donuts! It’s a Portland institution & we’d never been. They were tasty, but not sure they were worth all the hype!



Friday, was craft day! We made Calm Jars.



They turned out really well! It’s fun to watch the glitter settle & the lego minifig swim through the sparkles!



Saturday, we got together with family to celebrate Father’s Day! Audrey & her cousin LOVE spending time together!



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Last Day of School


Audrey is headed to Kindergarten in the Fall!!!


And Ezra is going to be a 3rd grader!!



Can you tell we’re excited that school is out?!?!


Audrey had a little program in her classroom on the last day of school!


They sang some sweet songs for the parents



Holding her diploma from preschool & a new fox lovey from her teacher (the classroom had been decorated in forest animals all year, so it’s a fun memory of this year!)






We love Mrs. Allison & Miss Carly


We had to make sure we got a picture of Ezra & his amazing teacher!


She was just perfect for our Ezra!

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Ezra’s Birthday Party!

Ezra wanted to have a Wild Kratts birthday party! We also planned to celebrate with his cousin whose birthday is the day after his, but sadly their family ended up having to stay home with sick kids!

IMG_4803My kids helped me make the ‘vines’!

IMG_4802We had a cucumber snake & a pepper lion (although it didn’t turn out quite as well as the picture!)

IMG_4801We also had grape caterpillars!

IMG_4800Ezra’s cake

IMG_4797Ezra’s Aunt wasn’t going to be able to make it to the party so she came early to see Ezra. She brought a fun gift!!!

IMG_4806The weather cooperated & was sunny! Our friends brought lots of fun outdoor games for everyone to play!

IMG_4812Present Time!

IMG_4813Fun with cousins!


Lots of people who love Ezra & came to celebrate him!

IMG_4823How’s that cupcake Audrey?

IMG_4824Apparently cupcakes are super exciting!!!

IMG_4825Or just super yummy!!!

IMG_4827Grandpa & Baba gave Ezra a book with 1001 under water animals. Ezra had to talk to them about all of them!

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Ezra’s Eight!

Even typing it, I can hardly believe it, but Ezra is now Eight! His birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so I brought cupcakes into class at the end of the school day.

20170531_144329Delicious cupcakes that turned all the kids’ mouths green & blue!!!

We made use of our membership & invited a few friends to join Ezra at the Gilbert House. Being such a busy time of year only a couple boys were actually able to join us!

20170531_165635They had a great time together!

20170531_165935Ezra’s friend gave him a book about dinosaurs! Ezra was thrilled, of course!! He sat right down on the sidewalk & started to look through it!

Being a weeknight, we opted to postpone Ezra’s birthday party until the weekend & just did a simple dinner & presents at home.


A happy Birthday boy with new legos!

We ended our night with Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! It’s so convenient that his birthday falls on the 31st & we can make use of the deal!


Happy 8th Birthday, Ezra!!!

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I’m not sure this will work, but I’m going to try & post a video of Ezra running the hurdles. He’s on the far left for the viewer! He thinks he placed 2nd in his heat, but we’re not sure if it was that or 3rd. Either way, he LOVED it!



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Track Meet

Friday was the Elementary Track Meet with other Christian schools in the area at the local community college. I went last year & this year I helped cover in the front office so Micah could go. Ezra participated in the hurdles, the 200-meter, the 400-meter, & the high jump. The take away from the day was that Ezra might be suited to the longer distances, but he did quite well at the hurdles & the high jump. Most importantly, he had a fun day!

 IMG_4788Waiting for his heat to start




When they weren’t involved in an event they hung out with their classmates & played with books, crafts, & toys all provided by their wonderful teacher!

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