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With a couple tickets from my dad (who is a sponsor) & a couple tickets that we bought we had a family trip to the Rodeo. Micah & I had been before, but it was a first for the kids! They both seemed to really enjoy it!


We got to have dinner with the other sponsors/workers/riders!


It was yummy food!

IMG_2166 St. Paul knows how to put on a good rodeo!


My cute family at the rodeo


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Trip to the Coast

A friend from University was coming to Oregon & we met up at the coast! It was a gorgeous day (although, being Oregon we did still need our coats) and the kids all enjoyed playing together!


Playing in the surf

 IMG_2155 Micah flying the kite


Lots of fun playing in the sand

IMG_2158 Beautiful bridge in Newport


Sporting her school colors!

IMG_2159 Our friends brought their campstove & we had dinner on the beach! So much fun!


Yay for fun with friends!

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Summer photos

IMG_2111 Tiny little kitten!!


This little tree frog surprised me!

IMG_2135 Fun with cousins at the park!


We love the carousel in town!

IMG_2138 My nephew REALLY LOVES the carousel!


Micah saw a Mama duck with her baby ducks waddling through the parking lot at work! Reminded both of us of “Make way for Ducklings”!

IMG_2141 Crazy hair day at VBS!


Playing around with the fun background at Petco!


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We were supposed to go with my cousin & her family for our annual camping trip, but due to sick kiddos, we had to reschedule & will hopefully get our trip in later this summer! However, this left us scrambling because we didn’t have a reservation anywhere & our kids were super excited about going. Micah worked his magic & found some non-reservable spots in a part of the state that wasn’t going to get rained on!

 IMG_2055 Our campsite!


Helping to make a fire!


Looking adorable in her pigtail braids!

On our first day, we went into town & visited the Information Center, which happened to be in the library, so the kids had a great time exploring another town’s library! There also happened to be a branch of our local bank & it was a Friday, which meant cookies! Thankfully, I did have some banking business that needed to be done! That afternoon the kids were convinced it would be warm enough to swim in the creek running through our campsite. They seemed a little shocked to find that (Mom & Dad were right and) the creek was frigid!

The next day we went on a short hike (about 2/3 of a mile round trip!) to Spirit Falls!

 IMG_2061 Taking a breather after our ‘grueling’ hike!


It was a beautiful waterfall!

IMG_2072 We came, we saw, we conquered!


Group shot!!

That afternoon we went back into the town for more fun times!

 IMG_2081 We played on the playground at the local park!


We took the kids to Cottage Grove Lake & they were SURE that this water would be warm. Turned out that once again, Mom & Dad were right, and this water was also cold! They had a great time anyway!


This was one of the two covered bridges that we got to see while we were down there!

We took our time coming home & took the kids by Micah’s old house where he lived for the first 6 years of his life. We also went out to the cemetery where Micah’s grandparents are buried and saw the headstone. Anything to put off the inevitable…

 IMG_2095Once you get home, the cleaning up begins!

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I rarely, if ever, have pictures of graduation, because we’re there to watch (or in Micah’s case, speak), but thanks to a professional photographer being present, I have a couple pictures to share!


The staff sang a song for the graduates. It was fun to sing in a choir again, it had been a long time!


Micah doing his job!!


They’re graduated! Congratulations Class of 2018!

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A busy spring!


Audrey wearing pajamas made for me by my Grandma Audrey!


Playing in the backyard with our cousins!


My nephew is adorable!!


Riding the ferry!


Ladies tea!


Snuggling a baby kitty!

IMG_1949 More kittens!


A fun birthday dessert!


My parents’ church put on the play “Cinderella”. Audrey loved it, of course!


Audrey with Cinderella


One of the kids’ babysitters was ‘Charlotte’ in “Charlotte’s Web”! Her costume was a little scary, but the kids were excited to see her!


Celebrating our cousin’s kindergarten graduation!


Ezra had to do a report on a person from history & he chose Robert E. Lee


Having fun at Field Day!


Sack Race!


Micah gets invited to quite a few graduation parties & sometimes we take the kids along. This graduate had gotten himself a puppy as a graduation present – Ezra was in love!

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