Road Trip, Day 4

This day was mostly spent driving. We were headed home and had a lot of ground to cover. We opted for a slightly longer route to avoid tolls (& hopefully traffic).


We took a small detour into Massachusetts so we could add it to our list!



Then back into Rhode Island!



And on to Connecticut!


Our first & really only major stop of the day was in Scranton, PA to visit…


The University of Scranton where Micah earned his Master’s Degree!



This was Micah’s first time on campus!


It was fun to walk around the campus! The kids enjoyed getting their wiggles out!



We walked up as high as we could in one of the buildings!



There were lots of great quotes around campus



Since we were in Scranton we drove around & saw a couple other places (although everything was closed since it was already after 5)



I was thankful the coal mine museum was closed, because I’m not crazy about being underground, but this was also closed too!



Looking out over Scranton! 


We made it home by 11:30 that night! We were tired of driving, but we had a fun trip & got to see lots of fun new sights!


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