Road Trip, Day 3

Our friends cooked us an amazing breakfast & took us to get donuts at their local donut shop!! Sooo tasty! Then it was on to..


The cliff walk in Newport! This was where the rich people of New York City used to come to their summer “cottages” for 6 – 8 weeks!



The pretty Atlantic Ocean!



One of the beautiful summer “cottages”!!!



The Breakers owned by the Vanderbilts, but now is a hotel



The kids couldn’t wait to play in the ocean! The water had a reddish tint to it because of all the seaweed in it!



The kids ended up covered with little pieces of the red seaweed!!



Enjoying the water with our friends’ son!



My kids first time in the Atlantic Ocean!



It was so good to catch up with my friend again!!


The plan was to have a picnic on the beach. Our friends set out all the food while we watched the kids play and then joined us down by the surf. A couple minutes later a lady came up to us & told us that seagulls were helping themselves to the food! They had gotten into the vegetables & ripped open one of the bags of chips! Thankfully, the chicken was left untouched, so we were still able to sit down for lunch. As we did, raindrops began to fall. We though we might have time to finish, but within 5 minutes it was a downpour! We quickly packed up & headed out! Before heading back to their house, we stopped at their local ice cream shop for a quick dessert!! Thankfully, the rain hadn’t made it that far yet! We had a wonderful evening catching up on all the years since we’d seen them last!


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