Road Trip, Day 2

We started our second day out by helping drop our friends’ kids at summer camp. It was fun to see where they go to school!


Audrey & their daughter had a wonderful time together! So much so, that at 11:00 p.m. I went upstairs to check on them & they were still going strong on their “slumber” party!!! Although, not much slumbering was happening!



Ezra had a great time playing Wii with their son!!



Then it was on to Princeton!!!



Not sure if this is considered bad form, but the kids had a great time climbing on the lion!



He looks like he is considering the future & great things to come, but I think he was just wondering how much longer the adults were going to keep looking at this place!!!



Trying on a Princeton tiger tail!



Group shot!!! So fun to see our friends again after two years!

Next up we had to find wifi so I could sign up to volunteer for my Dad’s Hood to Coast team! We conveniently found a Dunkin Donuts! Somehow it seemed a little ironic that I was eating a donut while signing up to help with a race, but they had wifi!!! (And donuts!)

We had considered trying to get the kids into New York City, but we were short on time & everything you want to do down there (even parking) costs SO much! So, we opted for a stop at the Flag Plaza in Jersey City!


The view was really quite good! The kids got to see the Statue of Liberty!



We also got to see the skyline of the City!



A view of the Brooklyn Bridge, which Micah read a book about this past year!!



H&M shot!


From there we spent the remainder of the time driving to our friends’ house just outside of Newport, RI! It was fun to add some more new states to our list, but even more fun to see our friends again & enjoy a pizza dinner with them!


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