A new experience!

Ezra has always loved movies (as does Audrey), but he has always been sensitive to sound and even will ask us to turn down a movie that we are watching at home. For this reason, we just haven’t tried taking him to see a movie in a movie theater. A couple years ago, we tried taking him to a whale IMAX one time, but he walked out after the first minute. This summer we decided to try again! I found a sensory-friendly film, which I hoped might make his first experience in the theater much easier! Plus, he really, REALLY wanted to see…


It was a success! Ezra LOVED it! I didn’t even feel that it was that much quieter than usual. They might not have had the bass on that makes the movie rumble in your chest, but I didn’t feel like I was at a vastly different showing.


A horrible picture, but the only one I have of my kids at their first movie!

A few days later on family vacation, the weather was calling for rain all day, so we decided to try a regular theater. The movie showing was once again one of a series that Ezra enjoys…


Micah was sitting next to Ezra & said he seemed a tiny bit tense at the very beginning, but he ended up settling in & doing fine!


Fun times at the movies!


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