Gilgal House, part 3


Since we’re only together every so often we decided to snap a picture of our whole group! Getting everyone looking the same direction & smiling is a very hard feat! I’d call this a win!



The kids with Nene & Da!



Our family (Ezra is in the stage where he either opens his mouth or closes his eyes in all pictures – it’s SUPER fun)



“After the storm”

(After family pictures, there was a big storm with thunder and lightning. After it ended I went out & took pictures. It’s amazing how still everything was so still when just a short time before it had been so stormy)



Cousins in their matching jammies



The next day, Ezra & Audrey’s cousin left with her parents, so we took a little trip to another lighthouse called Piney Point. We had a great picnic in the park.



There was a big bell the kids had fun ringing!



The little lighthouse & the keeper’s house



The kids look like giants!



The Potomac River



A one-room schoolhouse used back when schools were still segregated. They said that they sometimes had as many as 40 students in this school!



Painting birdhouses!



Drawing with Daddy

We were sad to have our time at Gilgal come to an end, but we had a wonderful time together and enjoyed the days with our family!


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