Gilgal House, part 1

The day after Micah arrived we headed to Southern Maryland with the WHOLE family for a week of vacation together! We’ve never had that much time all together & it was SO wonderful! We did lots of fun things, but we also had lots of time for relaxing!


On our way! (Listening to Adventures in Odyssey made the trip go faster!)



After a stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch, we arrived at Gilgal House (picture taken from their website as we were having too much fun to stop & take pictures)!



The next morning we discovered that the caretakers who live in a house nearby had ducks! The kids really wanted to be friends with them, but the ducks had other ideas!



Sewing with Nene!



Working on his sticker book!



Fashion show!! (We’re not sure where Audrey learned her ‘model face’, but it seems pretty accurate!)



Nap time! (It’s hard to see clearly in this picture, but Micah didn’t shave for the 9 days we were apart & then for this day he shaved everything, but his “mustache”. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed! Thankfully, it was gone by the next morning!)



Slip & Slide time!!!



Definitely a pro!!!



Audrey had fun, but wasn’t crazy about getting her face wet! She got better as the time went on!



The kids put on a “show” for all the adults complete with assigned seating & a paper for review comments afterwards! It mostly consisted of them running or riding around the circular drive and some “animal” tricks by Ezra!



We couldn’t do fireworks in this county, so our sister-in-law found these great masks!



Happy Fourth of July!!!


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