With Micah having to work for all of June, the kids & I flew to Maryland ahead of him. It was my first time flying with both kids without another adult, so I was a bit nervous about it!


Watching planes take off at the Portland Airport (I love the mountain in the background!)



A Victory photo – Saying “Goodbye” to Daddy at security was emotional for Audrey, but we made it! Ezra was really good at encouraging her that it wouldn’t be too long before we saw him again!



Checking out our plane



Thank goodness for technology!!!  (They did other things on the plane as well, but this kept them occupied when we needed it most!)



We ended up with a slightly longer layover as our flight was delayed by about half an hour. I was thankful for all the ‘tricks’ I had packed for the kids.

Overall, the trip went well! We had a couple incidents with bathrooms where I was wishing for another adult to help with supervision, but the kids did a great job! Even Audrey who had been super nervous about take-off!


Audrey in her “Pepper Protection”! Nene & Da have an Irish Setter who LOVES Audrey, but Audrey wasn’t quite as excited about having her kisses all over her!



She has warmed up to her more as the time has gone on. Here she’s giving Pepper a drink!



Church on Sunday at Da’s church! This week was “Family Sunday” which meant no Sunday School. Thank goodness, Nene packed us lots to do in church!



Ezra drew lots of pictures!



That afternoon we got to go swimming with our cousin!



Playing at the park!



Audrey is really good at pumping & can swing on her own now!






Ezra is in LOVE!!!



Looking at pictures of “Little Micah” while eating breakfast!


We survived the 9 days without Daddy, but all of us were beyond thrilled to have him back with us!


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