The First Week of Summer!


On Monday, we went to a park while my car had its’ oil changed! The kids were wishing that this dinosaur was a portal to the identical dinosaur in the park near Nene & Da’s house!



On Tuesday, we had cooking day! Ezra chose to make homemade Mac N’ Cheese for dinner! It turned out amazing!



Audrey chose to make a pineapple upside down cake for dessert! It was delicious!

Wednesday, I had to work, so the kids “got” to go to childcare! I think they ended up having a fun time!


On Thursday, we went to OMSI with cousins! These two grabbed onto each other without even being told! Cousin love!



Trying out the electricity machine!



It worked well on Audrey!



Safety First as we did Chemistry experiments!



Thanks for a fun day, cousins!!!


We stopped off for donuts! It’s a Portland institution & we’d never been. They were tasty, but not sure they were worth all the hype!



Friday, was craft day! We made Calm Jars.



They turned out really well! It’s fun to watch the glitter settle & the lego minifig swim through the sparkles!



Saturday, we got together with family to celebrate Father’s Day! Audrey & her cousin LOVE spending time together!




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