Ezra’s Birthday Party!

Ezra wanted to have a Wild Kratts birthday party! We also planned to celebrate with his cousin whose birthday is the day after his, but sadly their family ended up having to stay home with sick kids!

IMG_4803My kids helped me make the ‘vines’!

IMG_4802We had a cucumber snake & a pepper lion (although it didn’t turn out quite as well as the picture!)

IMG_4801We also had grape caterpillars!

IMG_4800Ezra’s cake

IMG_4797Ezra’s Aunt wasn’t going to be able to make it to the party so she came early to see Ezra. She brought a fun gift!!!

IMG_4806The weather cooperated & was sunny! Our friends brought lots of fun outdoor games for everyone to play!

IMG_4812Present Time!

IMG_4813Fun with cousins!


Lots of people who love Ezra & came to celebrate him!

IMG_4823How’s that cupcake Audrey?

IMG_4824Apparently cupcakes are super exciting!!!

IMG_4825Or just super yummy!!!

IMG_4827Grandpa & Baba gave Ezra a book with 1001 under water animals. Ezra had to talk to them about all of them!


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