Ezra’s Eight!

Even typing it, I can hardly believe it, but Ezra is now Eight! His birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so I brought cupcakes into class at the end of the school day.

20170531_144329Delicious cupcakes that turned all the kids’ mouths green & blue!!!

We made use of our membership & invited a few friends to join Ezra at the Gilbert House. Being such a busy time of year only a couple boys were actually able to join us!

20170531_165635They had a great time together!

20170531_165935Ezra’s friend gave him a book about dinosaurs! Ezra was thrilled, of course!! He sat right down on the sidewalk & started to look through it!

Being a weeknight, we opted to postpone Ezra’s birthday party until the weekend & just did a simple dinner & presents at home.


A happy Birthday boy with new legos!

We ended our night with Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! It’s so convenient that his birthday falls on the 31st & we can make use of the deal!


Happy 8th Birthday, Ezra!!!


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