We’ve had a busy spring, so here is just a smattering of the things we’ve done!


We had a women’s craft night at church where we made pennant banners! I love the way mine turned out! It looks great in my living room!

 IMG_2065Early in April we had Black Tie (aka Prom) at the Oregon Garden! The students had a great time!

IMG_2068For five weeks this Spring, Micah was involved in a fitness competition with groups from the area. They had access to the gym & were given meal plans for each week. They ate the same thing for breakfast each day, which meant prepping a huge quantity of whatever breakfast was for the week. And then the same for each of the other meals. This was a really yummy cashew chicken meal that was dinner that week! It was a lot of extra shopping & prepping, but it was certainly interesting to see what new recipes we’d get each week! I think the one that scared Micah the most was a Quinoa Bacon Kale Bowl for breakfast, that ended up being not that bad, surprisingly!


Micah has our yard looking pretty good this year!

20170429_115747Audrey & I went to a Spring Tea hosted by her cousin’s church. She loved the excuse to wear her Easter bonnet again!

20170429_103202Audrey was happy to sit with her cousin for the tea!

IMG_2110My mom & her kids together for her birthday!

20170506_123524Playing in the Discovery Room at the library!

IMG_4779We got to visit a one-day old baby horse!!! So sweet!

IMG_4778Giving some pets to the big horses too!


The family had a tooth from a Mammoth that they had been wanting Ezra to see!

Lots of fun times! We’ve been thankful for the few sunny days we’ve had in the midst of LOTS of rain!!! Here’s hoping the sunshine is here to stay!


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