The rest of Spring Break!

On Monday of Spring Break, I had to work, so Dad kept everyone entertained!

 IMG_2047It’s been such a wet spring that it had been a while since they had gotten to ride their bikes!

IMG_2050Everyone had a good time!

On Tuesday morning we took off on a little adventure to Southern Oregon! With our Gilbert House Museum memberships we can get into a number of other museums around Oregon (actually all over the U.S. & a few international ones as well) for free! We decided to hit up the ones south of us during Spring Break!

IMG_2048The first one, The Science Factory, is located right next to the University of Oregon’s campus in Eugene. As you can see my kids are not shy about their feelings for the Ducks!

20170328_103020It wasn’t a huge museum, but they packed a lot of fun things into it!

IMG_2053The kids had a blast!!! Actually it kept mom & dad entertained too!

IMG_4742After the museum we were all ready for our picnic lunch in the park, followed by a little walk around the pond looking at all the ducks & geese!

The next museum on our list was the Museum of Natural & Cultural History. I thought it would be over my kids’ heads & that we’d breeze through it in 10 minutes! I was wrong! It ended up being super fun for my kids & quite hands-on!

IMG_2054Ezra, of course, was fascinated by the skeleton of a giant ground sloth

IMG_2056Audrey had fun playing scientist & examining “bones”

After that we headed to our hotel for some swimming & tv-watching for the kids & reading for mom & dad!

IMG_2057Can you tell that Audrey enjoyed her dinner???

The next morning we went swimming again & then stopped for lunch at the logical place to stop on our way to Ashland:


In-N-Out has come to Oregon!!! (This picture was taken from online – it was a gray, cloudy, rainy day when we were there!)

IMG_2060Learning about pulleys at ScienceWorks! This museum was HUGE!!! And SO much fun!!!

20170329_145658Playing with big bubbles!

20170329_145919Really BIG bubbles!

20170329_152430Seriously, this girl!!! I guess this is her Pirate Pose!!!

Friday was an at home day! But Saturday we had another little adventure! This time to Silver Creek Falls! It was a rainy day, but we’re Oregonians, so it was still a fun time!

IMG_2061Beautiful view of the falls!!!

It’s always sad when Spring Break ends, but we had a lot of fun adventures & got some much-needed rest in as well!


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