Spring Break at the Beach

We started our Spring Break with a fun weekend at the beach thanks to our friends, Uncle Jon & Aunt Vicki who invited us to come stay at their cabin on D Lake! It was such a great way to start our break!

IMG_4669A beautiful view from the windows!!!


The next morning we decided to head out to do some whale watching as the “Whale Spoken Here” volunteers were out to help with spotting spouts! At the first location, Ezra put all the toy whales in order by size (even though a few of them were not to scale so looked smaller in the line).


The volunteer immediately put his vest on Ezra & declared him their newest volunteer! He isn’t quite old enough to do it on his own, but if one of us were to come along to the training he could be a helper!


Looking for whales!


Coloring a whale picture!


Showing Uncle Jon where to look! (Actually I’m not sure that Ezra can find the spouts very easily – it’s really tricky & take a lot of patience)


A beautiful day at the coast!


That afternoon we went to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area! There were some seals hanging out down on the rocks!


And an eagle hanging out in one of the trees!


The tide pools were incredible! You could touch everything except the sea stars!


The cousins joined in the fun for our afternoon outing!


So many fun things to explore!


Ezra, of course, was in his element!


Nothing beats a day at the Coast!


Too cute!!!


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