Colonial Times

Ezra’s class has been learning about Colonial times and last Friday they had a Colonial Day. They each had to pick an occupation to research, write a report, make a sign, dress in a costume, & then give an oral report with props. (Thankfully, we knew about this a long time in advance!)

Ezra chose Engraver and as he & Micah researched this occupation, they discovered that engravers were also usually silversmith.


We lucked out & found a costume to borrow from a family that had gone through Colonial Days before! 

Version 2

Here’s his sign (his didn’t have the big smudge on it – I took his last name off)! 

Version 2

Report Time! He did a great job!


In the afternoon, they did all sorts of different centers, including making luminaries! 


Because I was helping corral kids from one station to the next, Audrey got to come along & got to make her own butter! I think we may have found her calling! It takes lots of energy & results in something eat!


Today was a field trip to Champoeg Park!


They did a great job of explaining life in the 1800’s! 


Trying out what it would have been like to haul water! 


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