Upwards Basketball

Last fall, Ezra heard about Upwards Basketball at church and decided that he wanted to play on a team. The great thing about this program is that everyone makes a team and everyone gets the same amount of playing time. So even though Ezra had never played a minute in his life before joining the team, he made the team, & learned a LOT!


We often had different kinds of dinosaurs on the court!

IMG_4599 See the blue thing on his shoulder?? Each of the five guys had a different color & it matched up with the five guys on the other team, so Ezra just had to find the guy with the blue thing on his shoulder to remember who to guard!


The best part – snack!!!


Warming up, this time playing at our church’s gym!

IMG_4614 Practicing with his coach!


Um, Yes, that’s Ezra!


He posed himself like this!!!


Time to warm up for his last game!


He made a ton of progress, had a good time, learned what it meant to be on a team, AND wants to play again next year! I’d call that a win!!


His team picture – seems completely accurate!


Celebrating the end of the season with personalized chocolate donuts!!


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