A visit from Nene

We had the joy of having Nene come to visit for almost a week! The kids went along to the airport even though Nene’s flight arrived an hour after their bedtime!!! So, the visit started off with a bang & went on from there!


Nene took us to McDonald’s for lunch! A HUGE win in my kids’ book!

On Friday, Micah & I got to get away for the night & headed over to the coast!! My favorite place!!


Stopping at a covered bridge on the way – it was a rainy, blustery day! Perfect coast weather!


We went out for dinner & the ships in the harbor were so pretty!

The place we stayed was right on the ocean & had a fireplace, so it was perfect for a winter evening!

Saturday was Nene’s birthday, so we brought pizza home with us! For dessert we headed out to Konditerei! But first…


a stop at the carousel!


The kids were excited because there was a new animal: a deer! (And I totally forgot to get a picture of the birthday girl at the carousel or enjoying our delicious desserts!)

The next day we had a family Super Bowl Party combined with a birthday party for Nene! It was fun to have so many of us together! (Did I remember to take pictures of everyone? Nope!)


I was sent this cute picture of these sisters, though!

The next day was back to our regular schedule, including basketball practice for Ezra! Nene suggested we leave early enough to stop & get Panera for dinner! Yay for Panera!



Nene left the next morning amid lots of tears, but the kids are already excited about our next visit! Thanks for coming all the way here, Nene! We love you!


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