A new (not-so-fun) experience

It’s been almost two weeks ago…I was sitting at a green light just a block from my house waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a left-hand turn when I was rear ended. It was such a surreal experience. I’ve been driving for nearly 20 years, in at least 6 different countries (probably more), & never had a single accident. I remember grabbing my phone to call the police, realizing my radio was on, setting the phone down, muting the radio, realizing I would need my registration, opening the glove box & pulling out the folder, setting that down….I’ve come to realize there aren’t really step-by-step instructions that we study for after you’ve been in an accident. (Well, maybe in the driver’s manual, but that was a LONG time ago that I read that thing)


I did finally get out of my car & check on the other driver (they were fine, just shaken up like I was) as well as my car. The front end of the other car was all over the road, but mine had very little damage!


A small dent on the bumper (& the underside of the bumper is torn up), but that’s the only visible damage to the car

I did finally wake up from my fog & call the police – wrongly dialing 9-1-1 (Did you know you are supposed to call the non-emergency number?? I sure didn’t. Found that out when I was filing the accident report at the DMV! Plug that number into your phones now, people!). Everyone responded (even though I clearly told them that no one was hurt & nothing was leaking): ambulance, fire, & a number of police cars! It was quite the happening place!


It took a while, but they eventually got the piece of bumper from the other car out of my tail pipe, cleaned up the front pieces of the other car, & got traffic routed back onto the main road. And now begins the paperwork, auto body shop visits, & chiropractor work!


I’m so thankful that no one else was with me, that the other driver was very kind, that we both walk away from the accident, & that I can still use my car while we wait to get it repaired! This is definitely an experience I would rather not repeat!


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