Hawaii Trip – Day 10

Celebrating Christmas in Hawaii was interesting. In some ways it felt like Christmas & in other ways it just really didn’t!



Audrey asked Santa for a “singing unicorn” without seeing one in an advertisement or anything! Thank goodness “he” was able to come through!


Ezra got some new dinosaurs! Notice his “stocking” on the floor with play-doh in it! When you are half an ocean away from your stockings you make do!!!


Audrey got the boa she’s been asking for!


Ezra got more dinosaurs!


Christmas breakfast on the lanai!

We decided to spend a little of our Christmas day sightseeing & opted for Papakolea Beach, the green sand beach!


Heading out to the south point, the southern most point of the U.S. It was so beautiful & green!


Our family enjoying the Christmas day sunshine!


South Point


Beautiful waves!


We opted not to walk the 3-miles round trip & got a ride instead – it was bumpy – this picture does not do justice to the rough road we drove over!


The green sand beach & Hawaii’s biggest tourist trap! You’re seeing nearly the entire beach! It was tiny, the sand was only sort of green, it was packed with people, the wind was blowing sand sideways, & you either have to walk 3 miles round trip or pay quite a bit of money to get out here! Sure, it was cool to see sand that is a different color, but that’s about where it ends!


Audrey having a blast in the water (this lasted until she was doing this same thing & got bowled over by an incoming wave- thank the Lord both Micah & my mom were right near her & just picked her up, but not before she got a big mouthful of water & earned a healthy respect of the ocean! An important life lesson!)


Ezra & Uncle Caleb playing in the waves!

After a short stay, we rode back over the rough terrain & headed home where we cooked & ate a traditional ham Christmas dinner! On the lanai, of course!


Christmas Day sunset!


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