Hawaii Trip – Days 8 & 9

Being on the southern side of the island, made our trip back to Volcanoes National Park a bit shorter!


The sea arch


The kids thought these signs were hilarious! A Nene (pronounced Nay-Nay) is the national bird of Hawaii, but the kids liked to pronounce it Nee-Nee like their grandmother!


A plume of steam from lava flowing into the ocean!

We’d made a perfect plan so everyone could hike out to see the lava: Micah would leave early in the morning & hike the 8 miles round trip. The rest of us would leave a bit later & meet Micah at the trailhead as he finished. He would take the kids & I would do the hike with my parents & brother & sister-in-law. Unfortunately, as Micah was coming back the wind shifted & the plume of steam was blowing right over the trail making it dangerous to hike. My parents opted to drive the two hours around to hike in from the east side & then drive the three hours back home. I just couldn’t handle the thought of another 5 hours in the car along with the hour and a half we’d already done, so I opted to explore the park with Micah & the kids! I’m glad I did, because we got to see some fun things I would have missed otherwise!


Pretty flowers with lava rocks behind!


Petroglyphs made by Hawaiians many years ago


AAGH! Run!!!

Actually, as you can tell this lava has been here awhile given the weeds growing up around the edge, but it was still fun to play on this portion of road that is surrounded by lava rocks!


Ezra & Aunt Myken walking on the old lava flow!


Uncle Caleb tried skateboarding on the lava – it didn’t work so well!


A new Junior Ranger!


We went back to the Jaggar Museum & on this day the lava was high enough that you didn’t just see steam rising – you could also see lava bubbling & spurting!


This is zoomed in quite a ways, but what an awesome thing to see!!!

The next day was Christmas Eve! What better way to spend the holiday than by going to the beach? We opted for Punalu’u, the black sand beach!


The famous Nene bird!


The Sea Turtles come here all the time to rest & warm up in the sun!


So fun to see them in the wild! (Thanks to the zoom on our camera I could get a close up picture, while still staying the safe distance from them)


Two cute kids!!!


Playing in the waves!

We had lunch in the southern most restaurant in the United States! We also attended a Christmas Eve service! The church meets in a school building, but for this service they met at their new property, so we were under a covered structure outdoors mostly surrounded by trees, but with a small view of the sun setting over the ocean! Pretty amazing!


New jammies for Christmas Eve!!!


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