Hawaii Trip – Days 6 & 7

Wednesday was our last day with our entire family all together so we made a trip down into Waipio Valley. The tour wasn’t until later in the morning, so Micah made use of the time by going to play golf at a local course.


A gorgeous day for golf on a beautiful course!


Looking down at the entrance to Waipio Valley


The lush green valley


Cousins enjoying the first day of winter!


Kakeha Falls


“Wild” horses – only in the sense that they aren’t owned by anyone & aren’t ridden since they were more than happy to come right up to our van!


We drove straight through the streams, because that is where the road goes!


A beautiful rainbow to end the day & finish out our week at the vacation house on the Waipio Valley (northwestern part of the island)

The next day, my brother & his family headed home for Christmas with my sister-in-law’s family & the rest of us headed out for a different vacation home on the southwestern part of the island


Enjoying a traditional dish of Loco moco (rice with a hamburger patty & fried egg with gravy over all of it) at Hawaiian Style Cafe


We took a tour of Anna’s Ranch. Anna was a very successful female rancher from the 1930’s & onwards. Her house has been preserved from that time period & it iss fun to hear stories about life in Hawaii back then.


Enjoying the grounds at the Ranch


Our next house & the view from the deck were very different from our first house as this one was located on an old lava flow!!!

(picture taken from booking website as I never took a picture of the house)


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