Hawaii Trip – Days 1 & 2

On December 16th, the much anticipated day arrived!!! However, the snow caused a bit of a wrinkle to our plan. Instead of leaving a couple hours after school started, we ended up heading up to the airport a couple hours BEFORE school started just in case traffic was bad &/or we got stuck on the freeway. We ended up making great time, but it meant we had the fun of seeing my brother, his wife, & their kids off (as they had an earlier flight than we did) – it was just like the old days when you could say goodbye to someone at the gate!



Modeling his new sunglasses!


Cousins AND good friends!


Our flight to Seattle went like clockwork, but we ended up sitting on the tarmac in Seattle waiting for our flight to Kona for over an hour as they needed to repair one of the over-wing slides. It made our 6 hour flight much longer than it needed to be!


It was quite late when we got to Kona & we were all  tired. Ezra fell asleep while waiting for us to get our rental car!


Our view when we woke up the next morning! So gorgeous!


We ended up having our ‘family’ Christmas on the morning of the 17th since we were all together & it allowed us to give the kids gifts they could use while we were on vacation.



Opening the first gift as the youngest family member!


Happy with his cars!


A microscope/telescope!!!


We were supposed to go up to visit Mauna Kea, but because of snow, the trip up was canceled. My mom took Ezra, Micah, & I to visit a beautiful garden!



Pretty little orchids!


There were Macaws & Ezra was having fun talking (‘squawking’) with them!


The trails ended at the ocean!


So many pretty flowers!


So much to look at!




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