Snow Days & Christmas Concerts

Almost two weeks ago now the weather channels were all predicting snow & the schools were concerned about the roads becoming icy before school let out, so we were given a snow day even though there wasn’t any snow! We were all excited!!


Excited to see snowflakes after waiting for them all morning!


Audrey & her little snowman

The next night was the kids’ Christmas concerts. There was a half-hour break between the two concerts with the younger kids performing first.


Audrey wore horse ears for their song about the animals in the manger! Such a cutie!


Ezra did a great job singing!


Audrey did some drawing during Ezra’s concert


My two adorable children!!!

Exactly one week after our first snow day, we had a second one! This time we actually had snow when we woke up!


Our house looks so cute with snow!


Ezra with his mustached snowman!


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  1. Love both their haircuts! Ezra is looking like a mini Micah!

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