Black (& Red & White) Friday

Last summer, in the reading program at our public library, Ezra earned himself a free ticket to a Blazer’s game! In addition, you could get the rest of the tickets at half the price, so we decided to cash in on the deal! Black Friday was the day that made the most sense as it would give the kids a morning to sleep-in (or so we thought when we bought the tickets, little knowing that our football team would be playing for State Championship the next morning – they lost, but 2nd in the state is still impressive!). We decided to make an afternoon & evening of it, so I arranged a coffee date with a friend I rarely get to see!



While I had coffee with my friend, Micah took the kids to a train museum


Sitting up on the bed in the caboose!


They also went to the park & fed the ducks!


We had dinner at Burgerville! So delicious!!


We didn’t own any Blazer gear, so we went with the right colors!!


It was Civil War night, so we got to see Benny Beaver!!


Our seats were pretty high up, but it was still a fun experience!


For everyone except Micah, it was our first NBA game!


Go Blazers!


Even a basketball game can’t hold her concentration for too long! It’s hard turning a basketball program into an “activity book”!

It was a fun night & we ended up beating the New Orleans Pelicans 104 – 119!



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