A princess party

My little girl turned FIVE!!! She requested a Sleeping Beauty birthday party! I’m not sure she has even seen the movie, but a Sleeping Beauty party we had!


The Birthday Girl at breakfast wearing a panda hat! (I don’t even know….the things that happen in our house!)


Pretty in Pink


Lots of family came to celebrate with us!


Blowing out the candles on her cake

(I took a cake decorating class & it worked out that my last class fell close enough to her birthday so I got to make her cake in my class)


Time for presents


Audrey’s present from Nene & Da! A Barbie bike & a princess helmet! It couldn’t be more girly! Or more perfect!

When I was pregnant with Ezra I signed up for emails from BabyCenter that told me how big my baby was as it grew. Once he was born I transitioned to e-mails about milestones as a baby. I did the same when I was pregnant with Audrey & after she was born. My e-mail this week did not say, “Your baby this week”. Nor did it say, “Your toddler this week”. It didn’t even say, “Your preschooler this week”. Now it says, “Your Big Kid this week!” I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby to be a Big Kid, but that is what she is!!


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