5 years ago…



5 years ago I celebrated my birthday in the hospital. I had awoken that morning 30-weeks pregnant with contractions. This meant back into a hospital gown & being hooked up to an IV while they pumped me full of fluids to stop my contractions. Obviously, it worked since Audrey & I do not share a birthday! In fact, we managed to keep her inside for another 3 weeks!

Today, 5 years later, I have the opportunity to share the story of God’s protection over Audrey & my life at our church’s monthly women’s event. I don’t particularly like public speaking, but when they mentioned that they needed another speaker and I saw that the topic on my birthday was “God’s protection” I felt like God whispered to me, “That one is yours.” What could I do? You can’t argue with Him! I can’t say I’m not nervous as there are typically around 80 people there (although with the crummy weather, the numbers might be down).

I won’t share the whole talk since it is LONG, but I can’t help but take this chance to put the end of my notes here on the blog and just point out, once again, God’s amazing care for our family!

“When I stop and look at all the ways God’s protected our family all in a row it just overwhelms me with how much God took care of everything from really big things down to tiny little details.

First, I didn’t get pregnant right when I wanted, because God knew that I needed to be stateside for those particular months of pregnancy so that we could have the support to watch Ezra & the medical help in English. God’s timing in when my pregnancy started was part of His protection!

Secondly, our housing that we thought was a sure thing fell through, which meant that ultimately we didn’t have to pay rent on a place that we couldn’t use while I was on bedrest which saved us a ton of money.

Third, we moved to Maryland. We could have come to Oregon just as easily since family is here, but we thought Micah would get a job in the education sector & even when no schools were hiring, we continued applying for jobs in Maryland. This was God putting us in a place where family could take on the job of raising Ezra without a complete disruption their work schedules.

Fourth, Micah’s bank job while not paying super well, did have insurance and so when he started his job, we switched to their insurance plan. This, of course, meant the hassle of switching all the paperwork around. This was another of God’s protection over us, because our insurance with our mission’s agency only covers 90% of your medical bills in the states, which isn’t a huge deal if you go to the doctor & your bill is $200, but the bill for Audrey & I was $180,000. There is NO WAY we could have paid an $18,000 hospital bill. I KNOW this was God’s Hand at work, because the lady in charge of hiring at the bank told Micah at the end of the year as he was getting ready to leave that when she was looking at his application, it didn’t make sense to hire him, but she just felt like she was supposed to call him!

Fifth, that my amniotic fluid was normal for so long so that Audrey could continue to grow & develop as normally as possible.

Six, God’s finger on the ultrasound so that I ended up having a c-section. I shudder to think what the outcome might have been if I hadn’t had a c-section. The story might have ended differently.

Seven, Audrey arriving safely. She even scored 8 & 9 out of 10 on her APGAR! That’s incredible!

Eight, I came through the ordeal healthy. Yes, there was a period of grieving the loss of no further biological children after my hysterectomy, but I was healthy and I had two healthy children.

Nine, Audrey moving so quickly through the NICU & getting to come home quicker than predicted.

Ten, Micah’s grandfather living long enough to hear that all the prayers he had prayed were answered and that his great-granddaughter had arrived safely. He never got to meet her as he died two days before she came home, but he did get to see pictures.”

Tonight, I’ll spend my birthday not in a hospital protecting my unborn child, but at church praising God while my VERY healthy child sleeps at home!



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