First Camping Trip!

Micah grew up camping. My family did not. My Dad has always said that camping is when the Marriott runs out of towels. However, Micah has great memories of camping in spite of his family’s curse: the rain starts when they set up their tent and stops when they take it down! Being back in the states where we could acquire some basic camping gear for a reasonable price, we decided to give it a try! Thankfully, my cousin & her family who have camped quite a bit & have all the necessary gear to make a camping trip successful joined us, which made for a much more enjoyable trip! Plus, she was super helpful in the whole ‘buying the absolute minimum necessary in order to have a camping trip’! It’s good to know that Micah’s family’s curse still holds power, but in spite of the rain we had a great time! And honestly, it mostly rained at night when we were all in our tents, so we were able to enjoy the days!



Learning to play uno!


Who doesn’t love raw peas???


Playing Trouble!


Roasting JUMBO marshmallows (they actually aren’t better – just stick with the normal ones! In this case, bigger is not better!)


Messy, marshmallow-y faces


One day was really rainy & we needed a break so we went to visit the little museum in the next town over! We found a snow mobile to try out!


On our way home we all stopped off at Mt. Hood. It was pretty cloudy, but we got a few brief glimpses!


Inside Timberline Lodge, we got to pet this pretty dog! Ezra’s face lit up when he learned that her name is Heidi! He felt like he’d met the real live version of his lovey!


Audrey insisted on having a picture taken with Smokey Bear!


She also needed her picture taken with her Daddy!


Our whole group at Timberline Lodge (dirty, smelling like campfire, but happy!)


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