Summer Road Trip, Day 15


Our kids had their first experience of having breakfast in “The Great Outdoors” next to our little cabin!


The pinecones (fir cones?? Redwood cones?? What do you call them if they don’t come from a pine tree??) were HUGE!!! Audrey had tons of fun collecting them! Thank goodness, we were in a National Park so the collection couldn’t come home with us!


That was one big tree!


View of Kings Canyon National Park


Standing inside the base of a Redwood tree!


Standing next to the General Grant Tree! It was SO big!


It was hard to see & comprehend just how big this tree was! It’s 267 feet tall! (For a point of reference, the statue of liberty from base to torch is 151 feet)

After visiting the General Grant tree, we headed back to the western part of California to…


The Golden Gate Bridge!!!


First time visit for all of us!!


Crossing the bridge!

Micah has a cousin who lives in San Francisco so we met up with her & her boyfriend for dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant! After dinner we walked down to Ocean Beach!


Their dog joined us for our walk on the beach! The kids enjoyed getting to know Odin!


Such a fun evening together!


That night we stayed in a Tiny House south of San Francisco! It was really fun!!! The kids were super excited to sleep in the loft!

(photo taken from their website as I forgot to take any pictures)


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