Summer Road Trip, Day 14

After meeting up for coffee with friends from Spain, we headed inland for Sequoia National Park! We did have to take one quick stop in Bakersfield for ice cream at the recommendation of friends!!!




It was a bit of a drive to Sequoia National Park, but the views when we got there were amazing!


Moro Rock


Such TALL trees!


Looking down from the top of Moro Rock! That’s right, we climbed up that HUGE rock!!


Oh, yeah… there were stairs. And it was only about a 10-minute climb from the parking lot!


The view from the top was spectacular!

(I found it funny, because there were all these in shape 20-somethings with their Camelbacks at the top & we were there with our kids! Micah pointed out that they probably had hiked a lot longer before climbing to the top, but still…)


Beautiful sunset!


A drive-through tree!

That night we stayed in the National Park at the Grant Grove Cabins. Our kids had never camped before so it was a new experience having no electricity and having to go to a bath house to use the bathroom! Ezra had a reality check the next morning when he discovered we were staying in wifi-free lodging!


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