Summer Road Trip, Day 10

Day 10 we saw our third & final sight in San Diego: The Safari Park! I really enjoyed it possibly because the weather was cooler, but also because it was smaller, which made it much more manageable with young kids!


Napping Tiger Cubs


We finally saw a California Condor!  Ezra had been hoping to see one in the wild & the ones at the zoo were hiding, so he was excited to finally spot one!


Fennec Fox – Audrey often pretends to be a baby fennec fox! It seems appropriate given that they are both adorable!


Getting a ride from Daddy (we brought the umbrella stroller along, but sometimes Ezra decided that he was done walking & took over. Honestly, I think if any of us adults could have fit, we would have been tempted!)


Cute little baby bird! It’s mom was white & black, so it was interesting to see such colorful feathers on this little guy!


On the 25-minute tram ride through the large enclosures


Animals in the ‘wild’


A baby Rino! So cute!


We got to see a Bird Show, which was really fun!


Feeding the Lorikeets!


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