Summer Road Trip, Day 6 & 7

On Day 6 of our road trip, we had a late start to the day since we’d had such a late night the night before. After a swim in the hotel pool, we drove south down the coast. After checking Nene & Da into their rental, we spent a bit of time on the beach!!!



Sunshine, sand, palm trees, & waves!


Enjoying the sun, but trying not to get burnt to a crisp!


This perfectly sums up my kids’ thoughts & feelings about their trip to the California beach!

After our wonderful (albeit super sandy) trip to the beach, we drove to our timeshare & checked in! (Once again a HUGE thank you to our friend who graciously gave us timeshare points! If not for having a place to stay in Southern California, we probably wouldn’t have been able to take a trip like this for quite a few years!)

The next day we had a special visitor: Aunt Wendy! The kids were a little curious if she might know Peter Pan. Turns out she doesn’t! But they quickly decided that she was pretty awesome!


After all, she did bring them bubbles! 


Looking super cute in her swimsuit!


We love Aunt Wendy!


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