Ezra’s 7th Birthday!


This boy turned SEVEN!!!


Audrey & I joined Ezra in his class for their classroom party! They sang to him, asked him questions, colored a picture for him, & then played a game! 


Ezra passed out shark gummies while everyone colored their pictures.


After school we had a whale party in the park with a few of Ezra’s friends from class


Singing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy!


We had family come over for dinner – Ezra, of course, requested Chicken nuggets! I made pulled pork for the adults, though!


Ezra got lots of wonderful presents!


On the 31st of each month, Baskin Robbins does a special where each scoop is only $1.31. Ezra & I had taken advantage of it in March & he requested that we do it again in May. Saved me from making a cake! As you can see, he chose to eat his cone in a very….creative way!


Everyone enjoyed their ice cream!


One of Ezra’s friends showed up at Baskin Robbins with her horse so we got to give Hank some pets! A fun surprise ending to Ezra’s birthday party! 


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