God’s Faithfulness

The day of the track meet started like any other, getting the kids fed & dressed & out the door at the last possible minute before being truly late. We jumped into my dependable Honda & headed south on I-5. Just a few minutes later, I heard a “chunk” & began losing power. I merged into the slow lane & then onto the shoulder right beside an on ramp. Of course, at this point, my kids began a slew of questions, most of which I had no answer for! I put on my hazards, popped the hood, & took the kids across the on ramp to the grassy bank beside it.


And then began an hour of almost non-stop phone calls:


*First to Micah to find out if we had towing insurance. Did I mention that he was out of state for the entire day??? With our second car???


*Next to our insurance company who wanted to know where I wanted the car towed. Um, how should I know? We’re ‘new’ to the area, at least as responsible adults, and haven’t had time to have our cars worked on (Okay, maybe that doesn’t make us responsible adults). I promised to call them back with that information soon.


*Call Micah again. He says the exact same thing as I was thinking! I ask if he can call the maintenance man at school since maintenance men tend to have a good idea of which businesses are good. He says he’ll pull over & make the call shortly.


*Get a call from the insurance company saying they’ve put in an order for a tow truck, but there isn’t room for the kids in this particular truck, which isn’t going to arrive for almost an hour, but to wait for the one that WOULD have room would be even longer & can I get a ride with someone else. “Sure….” I mean, what else are you going to say?


*Get a text from Micah saying the maintenance man is going to call soon with the name of the garage.


*Call the front office at Micah’s school & explain the situation. The secretary who took the car kindly assures me that someone from the office will be on their way to pick me up shortly.


*While I’m on the phone asking for a ride, the maintenance man calls & leaves me a voice message saying that he is on his way & tells me the name of his garage.


*While listening to the message from the maintenance man, I get a text from Micah’s secretary saying she is on her way to get the kids & I.


*I call the maintenance man back, assuring him that a ride is already on the way & thanking him for the information for the garage.


*I call the car insurance company and the guy who answers doesn’t really seem to know this garage & could I please get some more information.


*I look back through all the phone numbers I’ve called & re-dial what I think is the maintenance man, but is in fact the insurance company again. This time a woman answers & when I explain my error, she assures me that she DOES know this garage & that everything is okay. I ask if I have to stay with the car & just send my kids with my ride & she tells me to lock the car & leave the key in a designated spot outside the car.


By this point, I’m trying to get all our gear for the track meet as well as the kids’ car seats out of the car and onto the bank beside the kids all while talking on the phone & trying to hear about the roar of the interstate! I look at the back seat & the floor underneath the kids and think briefly about trying to clean up the mess and decide it’s a hopeless mess as I don’t have THAT kind of time!


*Micah’s secretary calls to clarify where we are & that she is nearly to us.


*She calls back to say she got on I-5 going the wrong way & will be back in a minute!


She was & we were quickly on our way back to Micah’s school! Enroute I called my mom to see if since she was already going to come to the track meet if she could go, you know, 30 minutes out of her way ONE DIRECTION to come pick us up & deliver us to the track meet! She agreed & saved the day for Ezra since he was dying to get to the track meet! In fact, most of his comments on the bank of the interstate were, “Oh no! The track meet is starting! I’m going to be late! I’m going to miss my race!” Definitely made an already stressful situation a little more guilt-inducing, but thanks to my mom we made it to the track meet with lots of time to spare!


This is the kind of situation everyone dreads, but I came away feeling blessed! We had towing through our insurance; we had not one, but two people willing to give us rides back to school; and my mom jumped in & drove us to the track meet, so my son could run his races. This whole ‘breaking-down-on-the-side-of-the-road’ just showed Micah & I that once again God has placed us in a wonderful community full of amazing people who love & care for our family!


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