The Beach through Audrey’s eyes

Every now & then Audrey gets her hands on the camera & we end up with a plethora of pictures all from a much shorter perspective. Her camera skills are coming along & it is rather interesting to see what she notices and chooses to capture. For the sake of space & time I’m not posting the 43 pictures that she took in less than 10 minutes! Here is just a small spattering!



To be fair, this photo wasn’t one of the 43 taken in 10 minutes, but another time she grabbed the camera earlier in the day!


Hi Daddy!


A nice view of the beach


Hello Seagull!


She asked me to hold the stickers so she could take a picture of them!


This is everyone watching for whales while being dwarfed by the world’s largest cup of coffee (or so it appears!)


The sign & a random couple who were also there. This wasn’t the only picture she took of them – there is another one that is just them sitting nicely at the table!!


And one of the camera lens to finish off her set!




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2 responses to “The Beach through Audrey’s eyes

  1. Ronda

    I love these, I know I started a book for Gemma with some of her better pictures, so not to have 200 of her shoe, sock, and floor. Though Gemma says after every shot, “that’s a good one!”

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