Spring Break, other fun times


This was actually the day before Spring Break started, but I HAD already picked up Audrey from school, so HER break had started! It was such a gorgeous day & while the mountain looks small in this picture, it seemed much larger in real life! I’m still adjusting to large mountains on the horizon! 


The first morning of break…using binoculars to watch the animals in the neighborhood! (from the comfort of the living room while in PJs!)


Also on the first day of break, we went to the RV Paloooza! It sounds random, I know, but my kids have a funny fascination with RVs, even though at this point in time, they had never been in one! I decided to change that! It was perfect, because there was lots of space to run & they got to explore a number of RVs! I was shocked by how roomy some of them are! 


Fun with cousins!


We had a friend babysit the kids one morning so we could have a breakfast date at an amazing restaurant called, Word of Mouth! It’s a long wait (but SO worth it) so we made use of the time & walked around the capitol grounds. 


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