Spring Break, Adventure #1

Our first adventure of Spring Break was an overnight trip to Seattle on the first weekend of the break (which we decided we really liked in terms of timing, because it started the week out with a bang, but we didn’t wind up so tired with something pushed right up against the start of school).


Taking in the Seattle Skyscrapers

Our first stop was Pike Place Market – the kids even got to see the men throw a fish! They were impressed!


Sitting on Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market


Picking out which donuts we wanted! So yummy!


We drove past the Space Needle as we left Pike Place Market


We also drove by the Fremont Troll, but Ezra did NOT want us to stop!

Our second stop (& ‘final’ destination of the day) was the Woodland Park Zoo! There was tons to see & the kids did an amazing job walking all around!


It was a cool day so a lot of the animals were snuggled up taking naps!



I didn’t get my camera out fast enough, but this guy had his face right up against the window at one point! It was a little scary! Definitely wouldn’t want to meet him in the wild!


Must be a terrapin turtle!


Mount Rainer was beautiful as we headed north


At the time the only 2 Chick-fil-A restaurants in all of the Pacific Northwest were in Washington, so naturally we stopped by one for dinner (one has since opened up in the Portland area, but we’ll need to wait until the hype has died down before attempting a visit there!)


We stayed the night in a hotel north of Seattle & the kids enjoyed swimming in the indoor pool! (picture taken from website as I forgot to bring our camera down)

The next day, after another dip in the pool & breakfast, we headed even further north to spend time with my brother & his wife! First stop was Junkyard Grill for lunch, but I was so distracted by the delicious food I forgot to take any pictures! From there we stopped at a couple different places in their little town, including the dog grooming shop where Myken works!


Audrey decided that Heidi needed to be groomed!


Aunt Myken even added a pretty bow to Heidi’s head after she was finished being ‘groomed’!

We spent quite a bit of time at Uncle Caleb & Aunt Myken’s house. The kids were enthralled with their cat as well as their collection of hula hoops & glowing balls! We also wandered down to the river on their property, threw rocks in the water, and the kids built a ‘castle’ by sticking sticks into the sand. It was a formidable looking fort, but once again, the camera was back in the house!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.47.00 PM

We got carry-out from Uncle Caleb’s restaurant and enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner in the park! The kids had a great time playing on the playground!

We had a long drive home after that & got in just before midnight, but it was a fun trip full of great adventures!


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