Valentine’s Day Fun!

Ezra & Audrey both had their Valentine Day Parties at school on Friday. This meant that we had some work to do beforehand!


Audrey wrote her name on all her cards


Ezra decided which student got which card and then did all the writing himself!

They were asking for helpers for Ezra’s party so I volunteered, which means Audrey did too!


One of the activities was creating shapes with toothpicks & heart-shaped marshmallows! 

For Valentine’s Day we decided to forgo trying to find an available babysitter & go out for dinner and instead just focus on having a fun time together with our kids! When Micah was in college he used to get invited over to a friend’s house for a Red & White Party each year for Valentine’s Day. We decided to begin our own tradition!


We’re just starting this tradition & will need to collect more red & white things, but you are only supposed to use red & white tableware


Of course, all the food is supposed to be red & white (those are red velvet cupcakes, although they look more like chocolate in the picture!)


And you’re only supposed to wear red & white! This is harder than you might think!!

Our friends that we invited over were good sports & we had a fun afternoon together at our first-annual Red & White party!!


These are not Red & White, but this is the beautiful Hydrangea that Micah got me for Valentine’s Day! I’m looking forward to planting this in our yard!




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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Fun!

  1. Ronda

    Love it, and it is harder than you think to find red & white clothes. Thrift store runs became mandatory for us in high school and now lots of repeat outfits from year to year, though so much fun so worth the effort. I love that you did this and so glad you had fun.

    • micahandheather

      I’m thankful you guys invited Micah back ‘in the day’ so now we can start a West Coast edition!!!

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