Ag Show

One of the fun traditions our family had when I was growing up was attending an Agricultural Show each January. My dad always had a booth & we would spend the day climbing on tractors and stocking up on free pens, paper, & candy from the other vendors! It was a highlight of my year for sure! I was excited to get to share this experience with my kids! They were excited to get to spend some time with their cousins!



So many tractors, so little time!


The higher, the better!


This little man is getting so big!!!


Watch out! You’re about to be scooped up!


He really wanted this excavator! I told him he’d have to ask his Daddy for money, so he promptly trotted off to find his dad & ask him just that!!! When he was denied the $20,000 by both his dad & his Grandpa, he just sat on it & kept saying, “Get money!” Poor guy – such a hard life lesson! Thankfully he moved on to other tractors & wasn’t too brokenhearted! 


Audrey always put her seatbelt on no matter what vehicle she climbed into! Safety first!!





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2 responses to “Ag Show

  1. Kim

    Love it! I remember going to that with you guys! So fun crowding in tractors and getting free pens!

  2. micahandheather

    Having you come definitely made it even more fun for me! 🙂

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