New Year’s Tradition

For as long as I can remember my family has had a tradition of spending New Years in Lincoln City. We stay in the same quirky apartment with windows that look directly out on the beach, my dad watches bowl games, my mom does a puzzle, and we all relax & eat junk food. It’s a wonderful tradition – one that everyone comes home for (if they are able, although in our case it had been 6 years)! It was so fun to share this tradition with my kids now that they are old enough to enjoy it!


We decided to stop at Mo’s for lunch when we first got to the beach! It’s an institution! 


Delicious! As usual!


We were blessed with incredibly beautiful weather for every day that we were there except for the day we left! 


The kids LOVED playing on the beach in spite of the fact that it wasn’t terribly warm!


Ezra even got to do some whale watching from the living room! I don’t think he saw anything, but you can see that we have a great view!


It was so fun to see the next generation of this family enjoying the same activities that I did when I was a girl!


My kids have ‘caught the bug’ and seem to love the beach as much as I do!


We’re all looking forward to next year and making more fun memories together! 


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