Answered Prayers


When we first returned to the States, there were a few people who felt that we should stay for a couple years to allow our family time to heal after the stresses that we went through in Spain. At that point in time, I felt like we needed to take just one year in the States & then head back out. However, as we prayed about what might be next & looked at different options we found that nothing really seemed right. I also found my mindset changing. In just 2 months I went from feeling almost panicked about staying in the U.S. to having total peace about remaining.


When we realized that we both had peace about remaining in the States and that there were good reasons to stay (one of the biggest being that it would mean our kids wouldn’t have to live in 3 cultures in 3 years), we prayed about remaining at Salem Academy & both felt we should move forward in that direction. It was interesting to have staff & parents telling us at that same time that we were an answer to their prayers & that they were praying we would stay on beyond this one year.


Around the middle of November, Micah told the Superintendent our intent to put our name in for the permanent HS Principal position. In early December, Micah announced to the staff that we wanted to stay and the Superintendent explained to them that he would be interviewing Micah as well as the other top candidates in January. On December 10th, Micah came home & told me that the Superintendent had scheduled an hour-long meeting the next day. When I stopped by at 3:00 the next day after picking up Ezra, Micah said that he had been offered the position! The Superintendent had decided to forego interviewing anyone else & just give the job to Micah! On the last day of school, which also happened to be our 11th anniversary, the Superintendent announced at the all-school Christmas Assembly that, starting that day, Micah was now the full-time High School Principal! There was lots of cheering from the staff & students!


This isn’t what we would have foreseen for our future a year ago & it certainly doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ with us being missionaries. And yet, it is such a perfect fit. What the school needs right now, Micah is gifted in. The staff work there because they want to serve God and impact the students positively which makes this school feel similar to the other schools that we’ve worked at. We’re excited for this opportunity to be a blessing in this school & are thankful for the way God has led in our lives once again. We truly believe this is our mission field for this season of life!

To read about how we came to this job in the first place, you can read about it here.






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  1. Marjorie Wahlsten

    Praise God from whom all blessing (and answers to prayers) flow. Your parents must be excited to have you closer to them.

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