Fun in Maryland!

The day after school let out, we flew off to Maryland to spend Christmas with Micah’s family!


Shortly after we took off, Ezra lost his first tooth (at least his first OFFICIAL tooth as he lost one previously from being pushed into a table at school a year & a a half ago)!! He told us that the tooth fairy would come & leave him a dime!! We were excited to hear that (although to be fair we ended up finding out what the going rate is)!


Everyone stayed busy during our nonstop flight! It made the time go quite quickly!


After a quick stop at Chick-fil-A for dinner, we headed into downtown D.C. to see….


…The National Christmas Tree!! It was SOOOO cold!!! The wind was blowing like crazy & we only ended up staying for a really short time, but it was still fun!


Hello, White House!


One day we drove into Baltimore to go to the Aquarium! (See the turtle?? That thing was HUGE – 500 pounds)


We got to touch Jellyfish!!! 


It was a gray day, but the Inner Harbor was still really pretty!


Checking out the dolphins before the trainer’s talk


Looking for the sloths! We never did find them!


That evening we went to a Christmas service at Micah’s brother’s church. The girls were excited about their new Christmas dresses!


After the service, we went out for dinner and then came back to Micah’s brother’s house for a sleepover. Not surprisingly, the kids didn’t end up sleeping that much, but they had a great time! 


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