Thanksgiving Trip, Part 1

My parents wanted to rent a house that could sleep their whole family for Thanksgiving. Sadly, only our family ended up being able to go with them, but we had a great time & enjoyed the extra space! The house was near Hood River with a great view of Mt. Hood!


We made use of the drive up to show our kids some of the best views of the Gorge! Here they are at the Vista House!


H&M with the beautiful gorge – it was a windy day, of course!


Multnomah Falls


The view of Mt. Adams from the house! We were surrounded by orchards!


Audrey is all geared up to go out & check the temperature on the hot tub! When we arrived it was a frigid 36 degrees and at a warming speed of 3 degrees an hour it wasn’t until the night before we left that the kids were finally able to enjoy the hot tub! They were very patient during the long process & made multiple trips each day out to check!


Enjoying a pomegranate with help from Baba!


So delicious!


We spent a lot of relaxing hours reading, watching TV, & playing with toys


The view of Mt. Hood from our kitchen window (I did zoom in a tiny bit, but it was still quite big)


Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner! 

(In the excitement of eating, I forgot to take a picture of everyone enjoying it! Needless to say, it was delicious!)


The next day we decided to go visit Lost Lake!


We hit lots of snow and ended up having to put chains on the pickup. 


We had some time to kill while they were putting chains on the pickup, so Audrey practiced her photography skills. She is getting better!


Unfortunately, just a tiny ways further there was a tree across the road & we didn’t have a chain saw with us, so we never made it to Lost Lake! However we did get to see lots of pretty snow in the woods!


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