Fall Fun!

Early in October the kids participated in a Race for Education to raise money for new equipment & supplies for school!

Audrey running one of the 5 laps she ended up “running”!

Daddy came out & joined Audrey for one lap

Ezra looking quite fierce as he starts his race!

Daddy joined Ezra for one of his 13 laps! (They just did as many laps as they could in 45 minutes)

That night was homecoming & Audrey was so enthralled by the princesses!

Striking a pose!

Audrey insisted on having pictures taken with nearly every princess (but I’ve only included 2 as they all look similar!)

We went to a birthday party & they had dress-ups! Audrey was in heaven!

Cake time!

I came into my bedroom & found this dinosaur admiring himself in the mirror!

We went to an away game for Micah’s school…to my hometown! It was strange to be with the ‘Visitors’ on the other side of the field! Although, it was definitely better to be cheering with the ‘Visitors’ as we soundly trounced my hometown’s team!

We all got library cards & every Saturday morning they have story time & songs for the kids! We love going!

They also have a play room, which the kids LOVE!!!

Ezra is reading now!!! I can’t believe it!

Silly Girl!

Audrey wanted to paint her pumpkin

Ezra & Daddy carved Ezra’s pumpkin

Going trick-or-treating in our friends’ neighborhood on what was probably the world’s wettest Halloween! Ezra was Wile E. Coyote & Audrey was a princess, of course!


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