Plans change, but God doesn’t!

I think most people who follow along with our blog either receive our update letter or have simply figured out from other sources, such as Facebook, that we are no longer at ECA and are back in the U.S. We certainly felt called to ECA and while our time there was not easy, we definitely loved the community that we got to be a part of. When it became clear that it was time for us to leave, we had a pretty short turn around time and we had no idea what we were coming back to. It was definitely a stressful time. However, I LOVE sharing how God provides and thought I would share the way He led this past summer!

In early August, Micah applied to a Christian school in our area as they were advertising an opening for a Jr. High P.E. teacher. However, by the time he interviewed they had already shifted teachers around and were looking for a Jr. High Science teacher instead. Micah went ahead with the interview and was offered the job. We both really felt a connection with the school, which was strange, given that neither of us had ever had any association with it previously. However, after praying about it we decided against Micah taking the job as he is not trained in Science & it would be like being a first year teacher all over again. Even though we knew it was the right decision we both felt a little sad about it.

Micah e-mailed his intent on Thursday and on Monday we heard that the High School Principal had resigned and they were now looking for an interim principal! Micah called the school and by the end of that day an interview was set up for later that week. He had a second interview the following week and was hired on Friday before the first day of school!

A huge blessing is that our kids get to attend the school for free as a benefit to staff members! Our kids didn’t even miss a thing as the “Meet the Teacher” was on Monday and school started on Tuesday! They both love their teachers and are really thriving in their new school.

Time for a little Pumpkin Spice Latte for mom!!!



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2 responses to “Plans change, but God doesn’t!

  1. So excited about Micah’s new job!

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