A trip to the Coast

Having lined up a job (details coming in the next post!), but not having the information needed to begin the house hunt, we decided to take my Aunt & Uncle up on their offer of using their beach house over the labor day weekend! Micah had something planned for Saturday morning & had to report to work on Tuesday, but we figured we could use two nights at the coast before everything began to get crazy! It was a great decision!!!

We had been watching my brother’s dog, but with the last minute decision we had to run her over to the family dairy! Not having a truck, we had to squeeze her into the honda! She wasn’t so sure about it! 

We ate a very delicious dinner, including crab chowder that was amazing!

The kids were excited to play on the beach after dinner!

The sunset was incredible!!

The next day we spent a good part of the day in Tillamook

It’s not a successful stop at the Tillamook factory if it doesn’t include ice cream!!!

The kids insisted on another outing down to the beach before dinner – thankfully we were staying RIGHT on the beach!!

The next morning we woke to an absolutely gorgeous day! (That’s what I love about the coast – it’s different every day!)

The kids were anxious to get back on the beach – this time with sand toys they found in the house!

They had fun chasing a boat around in the waves!


It was a really quick trip, but it was wonderful to get away & just spend time together as a family before we started the school year!


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