Crater Lake

While we were at the retreat center we weren’t that far from Crater Lake, so we decided to make a day trip to see it! We figured our kids should see Oregon’s top tourist destination!

On our way we stopped to see the Natural Bridge on the Rouge River. The water disappears underground for a short distance before rushing back out again further downstream! 

Two cute kiddos!

Crater Lake was completely fogged in when we arrived, but the fog lifted for a short time & we did actually get to see the lake! 

Wizard Island

Getting their picture with Crater Lake

It’s a long way down! You can see how clear the water is!!!

Taking selfies!

Audrey practicing her camera skills

We had hot chocolate & dessert in the lodge’s Great Hall

It seemed a little crazy since it was still August, but the fire was definitely a necessity!

Not much of a view today!

Posing like a princess!

Family picture in front of the lodge

We left the lake looking exactly the same as when we arrived: completely fogged in!

It ended up being a colder, rainier day than we anticipated, but we still had a good time!


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