Family Retreat

We had the opportunity at the end of August to go to a retreat center for missionaries. It’s a small family-run place & they were super welcoming! We were glad we got to take the time away to be together as a family (& for the debrief that we received while we were there).

As we arrived the owner of the place was carrying a mostly-dead rattlesnake on his shovel! He gifted us with the rattle! Micah & the kids were thrilled, I was a little less excited! It was definitely a good object lesson to watch where you walk! 

The apartment had a nice big living area with toys! The kids quickly made themselves at home!

A lovely stream was just a short walk from our door!

We went for a little walk one afternoon (& took some big sticks in case we encountered any more snakes!)

We walked to a lake & went out in the canoe. The kids lasted about 2 seconds after we shoved off! They wanted back to land immediately! They didn’t like how much it rocked! 

So, we did some ‘fishing’ instead! As we didn’t have any bait, I don’t think we were in any real danger of catching anything! 

The kids enjoyed their first time ‘fishing’!

Micah went for a little canoe ride on his own! 

The family had the biggest dog I have EVER seen! It weighed more than I do & was just massive! Thankfully he was friendly! 


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