Phone photos, vol. 4

Riding on the ponies at the fruit stand store! So much fun!

My first time canning! I ended up making a second batch so now I have 12 jars of blackberry jam! We’re going to enjoy a little taste of summer this coming winter!

Visiting my grandparents’ graves. I hadn’t realized how close Audrey was to being born on my Grandpa’s birthday!

We had a little birthday party with all the cousins (this saves us on shipping costs & the kids really enjoy it, although it was very confusing to Ezra who is a literal guy & was concerned that it wasn’t anyone’s actual birthday)!

Opening presents is always so much fun!

I got the girls matching shirts & hair bows! As you can see they were very excited!

Time for cake!!

Audrey insisted that I needed to take a picture of her holding hands with the football man! She’s very into holding hands with the stores mannequins at this point! 

Micah finally got his wish & got to go to an OSU game! 

The marching band before the game started!

Go Beavs!!!


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