Wedding Week, Day 5

The big day arrived!!! Since the wedding wasn’t until the evening we were able to spend a quiet morning at home and get our kids a nap, which was important since the wedding didn’t start until 8:00, which is usually when my kids go to bed! With our kids being in the wedding, we arrived early for pictures. They didn’t need to be in all the pictures, so we had time to take some of our own &, much to our chagrin, the kids had time to play!

Me & my handsome boy!

All ready for the wedding!

Too much cuteness!!

Trying to keep everyone clean at an outdoor venue was next to impossible! They definitely had a good time twirling on the dance floor & falling down into a heap! (This picture & the remaining pictures were taken by my cousin as I didn’t have my camera out during the remainder of the night. Thanks, Lea!)

There was pre-wedding entertainment! These ladies were incredibly talented & flexible!

The ring bearers! Ezra did a phenomenal job carrying the box with the rings and holding onto his little cousin AND smiling!!

The girls did a great job too! Especially since they only got to practice with the flowers the day of the wedding!

And just in case you were wondering if Audrey was loving every second of wearing a fancy dress and having everyone watch her… here’s proof that she was eating it up!!

The new Mr. & Mrs.! Happy to be married!!

Ezra was happy to have his duties over & get on to something more enjoyable! His cousin had fun watching over his shoulder!

Daddy-daughter dance!

We left with our kids at 10:00 so we didn’t actually get to see the performance, but I heard that it was quite amazing!

Congratulations Caleb & Myken!


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